Products & Services

Solarstem focuses on technology, products and solutions for military and civilian services.

1. Products

(1)Beidou terminals for military use
① High dynamic & high anti-jamming Beidou satellite/inertial navigation system
② Beidou I and Beidou II positioning/navigation/timing terminals; multi-mode & multi-frequency GNSS receivers; high precision positioning terminals
(2)Products for civilian use
① Pseudo satellite indoor navigation system
② Compatible terminals (applicable to BD/GPS/GLONOSS)
③ Multi-mode terminals (applicable to BD-RDSS/RNSS)
④ Measuring terminals

2. Solutions

(1)ASPN to military training
(2)ASPN to commercial complex
(3)ASPN to smart highway
(4)Demonstration projects of the government(smart caring for the old, medical treatment and health, education, travelling, etc.)
(5)BDS-based emergency plan

3. Service

Solarstem is to set up an operation center to service the civilian use of BDS nationwide. A public platform will be available to the customers for navigation, short message communications, timing and other value added service.

4. Terminal Products

(1)Products for military use
Beidou satellite/inertial navigation terminals
Beidou positioning/navigation/timing terminals
Multi-mode & multi-frequency satellite navigation anti-jamming terminals
High precision positioning terminals
(2)Products for civilian use
Compatible terminals (applicable to BD/GPS/GLONOSS)
Multi-mode terminals (applicable to BD-RDSS/RNSS)
Measuring terminals