Technology Innovation

Talent Team

Solarstem possesses an outstanding leadership team with strong expertise in management and technology. Industrious, enterprising, knowledgeable and experienced, the management team has worked out a series of rules, regulations and planning schemes by learning from home and abroad. The technology leaders are either elites having got involved in the great national projects for a long time or scientists and experts from Satellite Navigation R&D center of National University of Defense Technology.

Technology Leader

Xu Feng, senior engineer. Ranked then as a technical senior colonel in Nanjing Military Region, he withdrew from military service and decided to select his career by himself in March 2012. Having directed the construction of military information system for a long time, he was awarded Military Progress Prize in Science & Technology for many times. Apart from that, his won many other awards, such as Nanjing Military Region Science and Technology Talent, National Prize for Top Ten Model of Learning from Leifeng, National Prize for Advanced Individual of Learning from Leifeng & Volunteer Service, National Prize for Top Ten Learning & Success Model and China Youth Learning & Success Prize. In addition, he got two Merit Citation Class II and one Merit Citation Class III. Xufeng has abundant experience in BDS R&D and company management. He used to be Chief Engineer for both Changsha Software Park and Hunan GreatDreams Cartoon Media Limited Company, cooperate with Intel to set up a computer animation solution center for Asia-Pacific Region, found Hunan Digital Cartoon Animation Engineering Technology Research Center and Animation Public Technical Service Platform, and take charge of many research projects held by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Zhang Qingguo, software architect. He graduated from Software Engineering Institute of Saitama University as a post-graduate in March 2001. He is experienced in software designing, R&D and business administration. He used to be Project Manager of Chuangzhi International Software Co., Ltd., CTO of Guangdong Whizen Technologies Co., Ltd., and Senior Project Manager of Merrill Lynch Guangzhou R&D center. He also established Asteriskey and acted as the General Manger.